Frequently Asked Questions About Escort Services

Do escorts really have orgasms or are they just faking it?

Frequently Asked Questions About Escort Services so, both. It depends on you and the escort. Yours skills does count you know? I know escorts that come every time they have sex. One escort once told me that she even comes when the sex is bad and she doesn’t like that because it gives poor lovers the wrong feedback. Remember, escorts are women just like other women and if the sex is good, they are going to enjoy it. On the other hand there are women who never come with any guy. Most women are in the middle. If you’re a good lover, they like to enjoy themselves. Look at it as an opportunity to learn to be a good lover. If you want to try new things and impress a escort girl… Forget about it. Better you learn one thing or two with her.

What kind of women become escorts?

Some do it because they really need money. Some do it because they like the work. Some do it for a while as an adventure, to see what it’s like. Or a combination of all of the above. Escorts are women like all other women. Some of the finest women I know are escorts. It’s a privilege to get to know them.

Is sex with an escort and impersonal experience?

Not usually. Escorts are generally very social people who are able to become very personal with strangers in a short period of time. Although there are some who want to just get the money and leave as quick as possible, you’ll find that most escorts are warm and friendly. If an escort isn’t friendly, next time try a different one. Find one that you can relate to and have common interests. Some of these women are doctors and lawyers and carry Mensa cards. The experience can be as personal as you want it to be.

Can I date escorts on the side?

If they work for an agency they probably risk getting fired for seeing clients on the side. They also don’t want stalkers or to send you the wrong signals. If you become a regular and you have common interests and she’s into it and the agency is cool with it, that might work out. I’ve seen many escorts on the side myself. But that doesn’t mean your going to get free sex. This is what they do for a living.

Can I trust an independent escort?

I don’t. An agency will always protect the client. If the girl mess things up, you will have your money back and she will be side-lined. On the other hand, an independent escort is like a russian-roulette. I don’t trust them at all. All kind of cheats and no one will help you. So, stay away and trust your need to an agency or something.

In Brazil, can I get laid with some escort girl legally?

Of course, don’t you worry. Just be sure she’s over 18 years old. One reason more to do not deal with independent escorts. Agencies or web-ads websites never takes the risk to place ads of any under age women.

Some girls on the ads looks fake. How can I trust you?

Some girls do need to keep their identity safe. Family, jobs… it’s complicated. But we only place ads from classy and high rated girls. Beautiful is only part of the business. She needs to be perfect. Otherwise, My Escort Girls isn’t place
for them.

I know you might have further doubts. Don’t worry! Call (11) 99106-6691 and look for Bruna or Helena. They will gladly help you;)

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